The publications and public deliverables produced by the EUPEX consortium partners are gathered here. Links to all Open Source software tools enhanced by EUPEX are also listed here.


TeraHeap: Reducing Memory Pressure in Managed Big Data Frameworks (Research Paper at ASPLOS 2023)

Arax: a runtime framework for decoupling applications from heterogeneous accelerators (Research Paper at SoCC’22)


Analysing Supercomputer Nodes Behaviour with the Latent Representation of Deep Learning Models (Research Paper at EURO-PAR 22)


Rule-based Thermal Anomaly Detection for Tier-0 HPC Systems (Research Paper at MODA22 workshop co-located with ISC22)


Multi-level anomaly prediction in Tier-0 datacenter: a deep learning approach (Research poster at International Conference on Computing Frontiers 2022)


Semi-supervised Anomaly Detection on a Tier-0 HPC System (Research poster at International Conference on Computing Frontiers 2022)

Open Source resources


  • Ocean repositories (administration software stack to provide tools and documentation for heterogeneous cluster management – work in progress)

Execution Environment

  • Knoc – Workflow execution
  • Knot – Workflow execution
  • TeraHeap – Heap extension for managed runtimes (JVM)
  • xHc/HAN – OpenMPI collective operations



  • Parallax – Key-value store technology
  • Tebis – Key-value store technology
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