2022 ACM Gordon Bell Prize awarded to 3 EUPEX partners

Congratulations to CEA, Atos and GENCI!

22 November 2022

The 2022 ACM Gordon Bell Prize – often depicted as the Nobel Prize of HPC – was awarded on 17 November at the SC22 Conference in Dallas to a 16-member team drawn from French, Japanese and US institutions, including 3 EUPEX partners: CEA, Atos and GENCI.

Congratulations to them for this outstanding achievement!

The winning paper is entitled “Pushing the Frontier in the Design of Laser-Based Electron Accelerators with Groundbreaking Mesh-Refined Particle-In-Cell Simulations on Exascale-Class Supercomputers” and used four of the top seven supercomputers on the most recent Top500 list.

More information on the ACM website or on the HPCwire website.

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