In terms of applications and co-design, EUPEX’s objectives are to:

– determine application requirements,
– optimize applications to Arm SVE architectures,
– adapt applications to explore the modular Pilot system,
– perform benchmarking on the Pilot system,
– issue requirements for future Exascale systems and recommendations for application developers to exploit them.

EUPEX will explore applications in:

  • Climate and weather forecast: Integrated Forecasting System (ECMWF, Cybeletech, Atos)
  • Precision agriculture: Decision Support System for agriculture (Cybeletech)
  • Biology and health: LiGen (CINECA, CINI)
  • Remote sensing Big Data analysis using AI at scale (FZJ)
  • Material science for biology: BigDFT (CEA)
  • Astrophysics: Gadget (FORTH, INAF)
  • Engineering: ESPRESO FEM  (IT4I, CINECA)
  • Seismology: SPECFEM3D+ (INGV, CINECA, CINI)

Mini applications

EUPEX will also examine a pool of synthetic and mini applications gathering pre-Exascale and Exascale-ready applications. They will help to evaluate the EUPEX system performance and to complete the hardware and software architectures in the EUPEX system studies.

  • synthetic benchmarks such as HPL, HPCG, Stream, etc

  • mini-app based on high performance on-line HEVC video transcoding (FER)

  • astrophysics mini-app for sun modelling (Atos, CEA)

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