Congratulations to SiPearl for completing a round of financing to put its HPC processor on the market

Another step towards a self-reliant European HPC industry

5 April 2023

SiPearl announced on 5 April 2023 that it had just completed a €90 million round of financing needed to market its European HPC processor Rhea in early 2024.

The success of SiPearl is that of the European Processor Initiative, and their Rhea processor will be at the heart of our Arm-based production-class pilot system. This success takes EUPEX too one step further towards our objective of deploying a European production-grade system that is Exascale-ready and integrates the full spectrum of European technologies.

The commitment of EUPEX partner Eviden (Bull SAS, Atos group) to this round of financing is another source of satisfaction for the EUPEX consortium, which was from the outset conceived as an alliance of industrial and research partners, precisely with a view to facilitating the industrialisation of EUPEX technologies.

Read the full SiPearl Press Release>>

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