Dr. Sarah Neuwirth wins the 2023 PRACE Ada Lovelace Award for HPC

We're proud to have her on board our project!

26 June 2023

PRACE announces that Dr. Sarah Neuwirth, Deputy Group Leader of the Modular Supercomputing and Quantum Computing Group, Goethe University Frankfurt in Germany has been awarded the 2023 PRACE Ada Lovelace Award. Dr. Neuwirth is an outstanding, young computer science expert in high-performance communication technologies. She has contributed to the development of technology that is relevant for HPC, and is already highly respected and internationally recognized supercomputer system architect. She is a role model for women beginning careers in HPC not only because of her visibility in a science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) field, but also through her engagement in outreach activities and her participation in other relevant committees. Dr. Neuwirth has a great impact on next-generation HPC at a global level. The Award will be presented to her at PASC 2023, the Platform for Advanced Scientific Computing Conference, hosted this year in Davos, Switzerland, from 26 to 28 June. Dr. Neuwirth will, at this occasion, give a keynote talk entitled “Leveraging HPC Performance Engineering to Support Exascale Scientific Discovery”.

Dr Neuwirth is part of the EUPEX team – you may have seen her on our booth at ISC! We’re very proud to have her on board.

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