20th ECMWF workshop on high performance computing in meteorology

EUPEX will present the work done on porting, benchmarking and optimising the IFS weather model


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Every second year ECMWF hosts a workshop on the use of high performance computing in meteorology.

The workshop brings together experts in high-performance computing from across the national weather centres, academia and industry to discuss and present recent developments in high-performance computing for weather forecasting applications.

With increasingly more heterogeneous technology being integrated to deliver HPC & research infrastructure solutions, combined with the growth in complementary cloud-based services and raising diversity in the research domains requiring access to computational facilities to deliver insight – the theme of the 20th HPC & Meteorology Workshop is “Diversifying HPC”.

EUPEX consortium partner ECMWF will present the work done in our WP3 on porting, benchmarking and optimising the IFS weather model on our A64FX-based Alpha system – the Joliot-Curie-Irene system at CEA / GENCI. Don’t miss Andrew Beggs in the Poster Session!








Bologna, Italy

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